Why choosing Sri Lanka for a beach holidays?

Cheap beach holidays in Sri Lanka are bit hard to find and book cause all the sea-loving people are looking for affordable destinations.

Sri Lanka is a land like no other. Sri Lanka’s weather and the beach holidays make it one of the world’s best travel destinations. Moreover, it is cheap as well. Yes, Sri Lanka’s cost of living is comparably low with most of the countries, and trips are affordable with a fantastic, memorable experience.

The Island is chosen by the lonely planet to be the best travelling destination due to the beauty and great weather in the country.

During my stay at Sri Lanka as a Tourist, I was able to cover a few beaches, which I think quite amazing and very easy to asses as well. The safety in these places is also suitable for everyone in your family. Here are the Best 5 beaches I thought which are good in terms of cost and experience;

Cheap Beach Holidays: Top 5 Destination

1. Hikkaduwa Beach

The Hikkaduwa area situates in the southern part of Sri Lanka. The beach is just astounding!. It takes around 3 hours to reach the destination from the BIA Katunayaka if you take the souther-express highway approximately it is about 150 Kms. You can get an uber from the airport for a very competitive price and come to Hikkaduwa straight. If not you can come to the city of Kadawatha where there are highway buses starting from Kadwatha, Colombo or Maharagama to Galle. Take a bus and go to Galle and after that take a cab to Hikkaduwa.

 If you come from Colombo, it will be around 100kms. The main thing about the beach at Hikkaduwa is flat and clear water. There is a world-renowned scuba diving place where you can have a fantastic experience for around 25-45 USD.

Here are some of the staying places  I found quite pleasant, and you better try to go via the Agoda.com to get valuable offers;

  • Lazy Koala
  • Chaaya inn
  • Plantation House

2. Negambo Beach

If you want to have a very rough see experience, the Negambo Beach is the place. It is the location to do it. The beach located 15 km from the BIA-Katunayake and 40kms from Colombo. During the Weekends this is a very crowded place. You can have a proper bath and get some good rest in here. Sometimes in the year, the seaside is not safe for swimming. Therefore, better to contact the hotel or local guide before reaching the place. Cheap beach holidays are not only limited to beach activities you can go for other nearby places as well.

You can get an uber, or any cab service goes to this place. Even the tuk-tuks are great.
Here are some of the cheap staying places that I found near Negambo beach, better check the google rankings as well;

  • Bivora Villa
  • Green Grass Garden
  • The Branch B&B

3. Secret Mirissa Beach, Matara

You must have seen people taking some magnificent photos. It is also one of the iconic locations in Sri Lanka. The beach located around 180 km from the BIA and 150kms from the capital Colombo. There are around many activities you can do in Mirissa. Mainly the whale watching via a boat. There is an ample amount of coconut trees around the area, and it feels like  Hawaii sometimes. It is a must-go place in my view.

Likewise, in Hikkaduwa, you can hire an uber or take a highway bus to the city of Matara and come to this location. Make sure to follow the google maps always.
Here are some of the cheap staying places around the secret beach Mirissa;

  • The Resort of Happiness,
  • Twin Palms
  • Mermaid Inn

4. Jungle Beach, Galle

The Jungle beach is a place you must plan to visit. It is mainly because the seawater level is almost the same for 50-100ms. It is one of the safest beaches in Sri Lanka for tourist, and an ample amount of resorts and hotels are also nearby. Compare to rest of the locations this one can consider one of the cheap beach holidays in the entire world.

Just 3kms from the main town Galle and you can hire a tuk-tuk to this location.
Here are some of the cheap  staying places around the jungle beach;

  • Dionis Villa
  • Hotel Meritha
  • Rawanaz

5. Thalpe Beach, Galle

It is one of the unique hidden places in Sri Lanka. Since most of the people are looking for beaches like Hikkaduwa and Jungle beach in Galle, they do not focus on this place much. It is not a very crowded place, and the view is breathtaking. Moreover, this can consider one of the cheap beach holidays in the world.

It is around 5-10 km from the city of Galle, and you can have a great ocean experience around this area.
Here are some of the cheap  staying places around the Thalpe beach;

  • OH yes beach house(highly recommended this place)
  • Greenery Lanka Vila
  • Cantaloupe Aqua Beach Club Hotel

A cheap beach holidays: but a five-star experience 

Moreover, this is the picks that I took according to my experience when I was travelling in Sri Lanka.

 From my point of view, it cost me around 100 USD to travel to all of these places. However, If you are planning to go to a five-star hotel or something, the price will be high. I am living in Canada, having migrated via the express entry, but this sort of experience is very costly there.

Finally, what I would like to say is, The Island nation is widely known for its hospitality, and you will feel like heaven. So if you get an opportunity to go to Sri Lanka, at least go to one of these beaches. Cause the experience will always be in your mind.

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