7 facts to consider for express entry crs

What is CRS?

The full name of this is the Comprehensive Ranking System, but here we briefly mention it in three letters. What is this CRS? It is like an SAT exam. Similarly, when Canadian immigration authorities receive hundreds of thousands of immigrant applications who want to come to Canada, the pressing question is whether to choose whom? It is a way of giving marks based on our learning, professional background and language skills. By providing those marks, the high scores are selected several times a month, and then they are allowed to “start the next step in migrating to Canada.” For a professional who is looking to come to Canada for permanent residency, it is essential.

Now go to this link and take care of your CRS. First, enter your current information and check the total number of marks you have with your existing credentials

How to calculate the crs score

Here’s the road to the CRS calculator –

Make notes. Then find out how this CRS value changes by changing the target data you are looking for in the next period (English language test levels, academic achievement, professional experience, etc.). If you intend to come along, the wife is the main applicant, and then the husband is the main applicant. Choose the best option according to you.

Then, work on the best-fitting plan to get the desired score, still, try to maximize your marks on CRS since if it increases the mark more than you expected, then you will not be eligible for the Permeant residency invitation.

Check the Educational Credential Assessments via here;


Adjust, go to this link here and make your Express Entry Profile by submitting your details, and please make sure to take time and provide the details correctly, even check the spelling and passport details twice

Express entry profile submission via here;


 Once you submit, you will enter the Express Entry Pool.

Selection of candidates via express entry

The only thing to watch out for is choosing applications with high marks every two to three weeks. The cutoff mark of this choice is always different, and less is more. In the last few months, the cutoff threshold has increased from 460 to 472, and the final cut on February 2020 was 470.

What is happening now is that applications with a CRS score of 470 or higher are sorted by date of receipt and sent to Invite to Apply (ITA) to the required number of applicants from the beginning. That’s when they think “land now” and begin the second phase of immigration to Canada. But don’t get too excited for receiving the ITA (Permanent Residency Visa). Because Canada is not prepared to say, “Come home,” just by giving the invitation, you need to prove your documents. I am suggesting you keep an eye on the CRS score every time as well

Beginning now, you will need to submit your relevant documents and PR application to the Canadian Transit Agency within the next three months. All this can be done online, but it takes time to get the necessary documentation. I will write about this matter separately as soon as possible to discuss the further process after the ITA.

How to increase the CRS score

Now, finally, we are going to tell you how to improve that initial CRS score, this is a problem for all of us, and some of these things may or may not work for you. Consider these seven facts.

1. Age – This age also affects the age. The best age to jump is 20-29, 100-110 marks (maximum). From that point on, the age of the year decreases by about 5 inches. After age 40, the number of marks decreases by 10, and by the age of 45, the score is 0. Imagine if you cut the number of 450 to get 110?

2. Get high IELTS score – Taking Listening 8 of this exam, reading/writing/speaking will take you to a maximum of 124 points. But if you take all six of these, you get a maximum of 68 marks. It is just an example; you may be a little bored with whether or not you’re coming. Just think about it.

3. Get more work experience – Because work experience gets a score. you can refer the express entry calculator link to get an idea.

4. Get more education – Another degree, higher education is an advantage.

5. Find a blood relative in Canada – A maximum of 15 points can be collected if a sibling or sibling is a permanent resident of Canada.

6. Getting a proper job offer – If there is a way to get a job offer (this depends on your academic/professional skills and your ability to work with companies in Canada) you can increase the number of jobs by 50 to 200 marks.

7. Try to apply for the PNP program – a method that most Philippines do, applying for the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program (we’ll talk about that in another article)) in a less-than-privileged province, they add 600 marks if they get the nomination. ” Go on.

Plan it properly

These are just some of the essential information you need to be excited about coming to Canada, especially the factors that determine your situation and your future plans. Therefore, study these methods and strategies carefully. Make Your “Dream Come True” by taking the right decisions at the right time to get the desired crs score.

(Even if you don’t have the necessary documents/markings right now, try to answer as many as possible, because you have to make the plan first)

Moreover, Here’s a quick way to convert the Canadian Language Bench Mark (CLB) to the IELTS we know;

Finally, I want to say is that most of the people want to migrate to another country, but I have seen so many people struggle due to poor decision making coming without doing any proper research. Therefore, without paying money for consultants, you have “google” with you, start your research to make your dream come true.

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