Down south city Galle: A place to have a great experience

There are many places to visit in Galle, some of the best destinations, attractions in Sri Lanka’s down south area.

Galle city is ancient, and it has a significant historical value. It is considered to be one of the tourist destinations in Sri Lanka and also one of the key towns out of the main three cities in the down south region.

It is a fact that most of the places are not very close to Galle city and you will have to take transportation or hire a vehicle to reach some

Many people ask what to see in and around Galle. These are places to visit in and around Galle distract where you can get a fantastic experience

1. Galle Fort

When you say Galle, the first thing that comes to mind is the Galle Fort. The Galle Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1588 and later developed by the Dutch, is now a World Heritage Site. It is right in front of the Galle bus stand. Two gates use for entry. The lighthouse, the Old Clock Tower (one of the oldest clocks in Sri Lanka), a massive wall made of black stone buildings for Dutch administration. The Dutch Church (the entire church built on a tomb. It has one of the oldest pianos in Sri Lanka, which was brought by dutch people), the National Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Fort’s check-in is the temple.

Everything is the building that commemorates the Dutch period. Because the structure inside the Fort does not permit the construction of new buildings. The famous butterfly bridge overlooks the canal between the Fort and the park.

Inside the Galle fort, there is a safe place for baths, and even a child can have an amazing, memorable experience. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life is the sunrise and sunset while walking on top of the fort pathway.

Galle fort is one of the best places for night roaming. Safety is high. There are military and police barracks inside the premises. Police officers are always on the move. The girls are not afraid to stay up all night alone. Also, keep the extra 5000 LKR in your hand if you dump the trash inside the box. Cause you will get penalized, be aware of that, you do need to expend your valuable money for that.

Distance from Galle main city :3.7 KM (from the Galle bus stand)

2. Kande Viharaya Temple

With an ancient past. It was built by King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe, who was an ancient king, rules these areas long ago. The sacred Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka, where the holy relics of Lord Sewali reside, is over 250 years old. The Vishnu Devalaya is the most famous place among the locals.

Distance from Galle main city :67.8 Km

3. Kosgoda Turtle Conservation and Research Centre

The turtle collects its eggs, hatches it, and releases it to the sea. A place for small children to gather. A pleasant experience I would say,

Distance from Galle main city :47.7 Km

4. Galle International cricket stadium

 It is a Very Famous cricketing ground in Sri Lanka. When a team likes England, Australia, New Zealand comes to the city, and it is like a party in the Galle international cricket stadium. Usually, without permission, you are not allowed to go inside the place. Therefore, if there is no cricket match, I would say to focus somewhere else near Galle. 

Distance from Galle main city: 300m (from the bus stand it is just a few meters)

5. Madu Ganga

A wide-spreading river found in Balapitiya. A mangrove ecosystem. You can go by boat. There are fish therapies, islands, and the Kokkuduwa Temple (an ancient temple on an island) and the “Satapaha Duwa” (the shape of the tiny island is like an old 5 cent coin of Sri Lanka). Usually, a small boat costs Rs. It takes like 2,500 Sri Lankan rupees. Therefore, exchange some money into LKR and go to this place.

Distance from Galle main city: 47.0 Km

6. Ariyapala Masks Museum in Ambalangoda

It is a private museum funded by the German Government. There are many traditional masks on display. The history of the mask industry can be much appreciated here. Some of the items are there for sale as well.

Distance from Galle main city: 33. Km

7. Seenigama Sri Devol Maha Devalaya, Hikkaduwa

It says that King Dappula had built the temple for the Devol. To get to the Devalaya, you have to take a boat or a boat and walk a short distance. This temple is famous among the locals. If you have so much time on your vacation in Sri Lanka, then only I recommend you to go to these places which are towards the local culture and people.

Distance from Galle main city: 22.6 km

8. Hikkaduwa Coral Reef

The Hikkaduwa Marine Reserve, named after the Hikkaduwa Marine Reserve in 1998, is one of the most famous in the world. Coral, fishing, and diving is an excellent place to go for a boat tide and a bath. Galle’s main tourist city. The best place to try Sea Food in Galle and stay there or if you want a day out there are plenty of hotels.

Distance from Galle main city: 19.8 km

9. Andahelena Ella – Elpitiya Waterfall

It is a beautiful waterfall which has become known as the Beraliya Mukalana. Can take a Bathe safely.

Distance from Galle main city: 46km

10. Martin Wickramasinghe House & Folk Museum

It has named in honor of Martin Wickremasinghe, who played a significant role in Sri Lankan literature. You can see old clothes, people’s vehicles, check suits and so on. There is also the Martin Wickremasinghe Museum and the Madolde. You can go by boat to Maddolduwa. There is a museum at Koggala. There’s a small plane on the roadside. It’s a great place to go with a kid to enjoy the inside of an aircraft.

Distance from Galle main city: 16km

11. Rumassala mountain

A combustion plant with rare plants, 150 hectares, and 100 meters in height. It is found in the Wet Zone as well as in the Dry Zone and is considered as the boundary of the sea from Unawatuna Wella Devalaya to Bonavista Coral Reef must-see because of the sea breeze and water springs. From the city of Galle, it is 3km away towards the Galle- Matara Road.

Distance from Galle main city: 7 km

12. Converge of four lanes of Koggala

It means that the airway, railway, highway, and sea route are the only places in Sri Lanka that are parallel. It is a very popular industrial zone in Sri Lanka, where some of the top garment brands like VS  manufactures here.

Distance from Galle main city: 22km

13. Kalwari Mountain, Hiniduma

On Galle Udugama Road. This sacred place, which is worshiped by hundreds of thousands of devotees, is located on the banks of the Gin River at an elevation of 900 feet above sea level.

Distance from Galle main city: 48km

14. Kanneliya Rainforest

A fantastic place and feels great. You can see a lot of waterfalls. Need a guide to enter. Because there are tourist quarters inside, you can stay overnight if you book. From Galle, you have to go to Udugama.

Distance from Galle main city: 39.3km

15. Kottawa Reserve Forest

A small forest near Udugama. 19 km from Galle. Great place for photoshoots. It is a location popular among the photographers in Sri Lanka

Distance from Galle main city: 20.1km

Extra Destinations

Apart from these destinations, if you want to see some tea plantations, take a trip to the city of Neluwa or Deniyaya on the way you will see some of the oldest tea plantations and factories in the country. Beautiful view of upcountry tea estates. If you can get permission, you can visit a Tea Factory. However, during our tour, we did not have time to go for it.

How to reach Galle town

The ideal Traveling method would be the trains from the Colomb. Cause it is a unique experience in my view. You can book your train tickets from the reservation center in Colombo Main railway station and have 1,2,3 class compartments. Even if you miss a reservation on weekdays, there wouldn’t be a huge crowd, and it would be a very tiring journey.

Besides, It is almost 110 km from the capital city Colombo, and if you take the southern express highway, it would be much easier approximately it is around one and a half hour journey to Galle. If you do not have a vehicle and the highway buses start from Maharagama, Kadawatha, Negambo Bus stands. Taking a Bus would be ideal for backpackers.

But the things I listed here some of them are not very close to the Galle city. Moreover, highway buses only have one stop that is the Galle bus stand.

Since there are so many places in the A1 Colombo -Galle road (known as Galle road), it would be better to come via that path and cover up the things. However, choose as suits for you.

Bathing places in Galle.

Since the city is near to the seaside, there are ample amount of places to have a nice clean bath. The following are the places I found easy

i. Akurala: A safe place to swim, A natural pool, you can have a freshwater experience here. Please note that During the weekends it is a very crowded place with locals

ii. Hikkaduwa  Beach: A safe place to swim, so many coral reefs are there and if you are interested there is scuba diving for a very reasonable price as well

iii. Thalpae Beach: A safe place, it is not very deep for some length, you can walk and have some excellent time, importantly it is not a very crowded place most of the time

iv. Fort Sea Bath: A safe place

v. Rumassala Jungle Beach: Bit dangerous, you need to be real careful when you bath in here. In some times of the year, the waves can get very rough as well. Be mindful if you and your family to take a bath

vi. Unawatuna : Same like Jungle beach, some parts of the seas side are very unsafe for swimming; if you have children, please make sure to consider their safety. Taking a piece of advice from a local or hotel guide would be good. 

vii. Mihiripenna: A Safe place, A natural pool.

Special restaurants in Galle to have a nice dining

At the Dutch Hospital in Fort, you can buy specialty and exotic foods at very high prices. Peddlers Inn is a popular place for desserts, especially ice cream. If you want Indian food at the lighthouse, the Indian Hut has prices.

There’s a restaurant called “frozen ice cream kottu” shop on High Street in Galle Town. A little place, great experience, price is average.

Hikkaduwa is well known for its seafood and at very high prices from the regular prices.

Jungle Beach has excellent restaurants, so there’s no problem with the food there. If you come via the southern express in the morning, you can get fresh fish that pull out from the nest of the fisherman, very unique seen.

You can also drink a glass of the best delicacy in Kithul toddy, like Balapitiya, Gintota, and Dodanduwa. It can be one of the best experiences, but make sure to have a local guy along with you to get these things.

Make your next visit to Galle

There would many more places to go, but I think as a tourist I have covered a lot of places, I guess. When the time permits again, I will surely come and visit this beautiful Galle.

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